a sample and sequence encoding library for volca sample

The “example” folder contains sample executables that will let you quickly try out converting sample audio data into syrostream.

Run the executable to generate syrostream

File names in brackets for Mac. Windows otherwise.

  • double click makesyro_win.bat (makesyro_mac.command) in folder example/execute_win (example/execute_mac)
  • syro_stream.wav will be generated

You have just performed conversion of “02 Kick 3.wav” contained in the same folder into syrostream “syro_stream.wav” with sample sample slot number 2. Play “syro_stream.wav” into the SYNC IN port of your volca and the sample will be transfered to slot number 2.

*refer to 6. transferring syrostream to your volca sample in documentation for details.

To specify your own sample audio data and sample slot number

  • place your sample in wav format in folder example/execute_win (example/execute_mac)
  • open makesyro_win.bat (makesyro_mac.command) in a text editor.
  • change “02 Kick 3.wav” in line 1 to your sample file name.
  • change the number “2” in line 2 to a sample slot of your choice (0-99).
  • save the changes.

Now double click “makesyro_win.bat” (“makesyro_mac.command”) as before and the new “syro_stream.wav” will be generated from your specified sample file and slot number.