The appearance and user interface of the Nu:Tekt NTS-1 digital kit synthesizer can be customized by replacing the front panel with a custom created one. This site provides the base material and guidance for the creation of such custom panels.

Note: Custom panels are supported by the NTS-1 digital kit firmware version 1.10 and newer

Note: Firmware version 1.10 will be released late February 2020

Reference Custom Panel Design

We provide an open hardware reference panel design that can be used for prototyping and as a template for the creation of new custom NTS-1 panel designs.

The reference design includes a minimal user interface in the form of 10 switches, 8 LEDs and a rotary, and also has Arduino shield compatible expansion connectors and ST-Morpho connectors like on the STM32 Nucleo boards to simplify prototyping.

Reference Custom Panel Board

Getting Started

  1. Assembly
    1. Preparing the PCB
    2. Acquiring parts
    3. Soldering
    4. Assembling
  2. Programming
    1. Choosing a board programmer
    2. Connecting the programmer
    3. Programming with the Arduino IDE
  3. Examples
    1. Blank Template: Bare minimum code required to build an arduino Sketch
    2. Sequencer Template: Basic 8 step sequencer with minimal user interface
    3. Demo Boards: Demo custom panel boards made for NAMM 2020

Tip: Try out the Sequencer Template example first. Find usage instructions here